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Our salon offers manicure and pedicure services for ladies and gentlemen.
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Gentlemen’s manicure
Today, a beautiful gentleman's manicure is not a quirk or luxury, but a real necessity for literally every modern successful man. Modern trends dictate the need to keep your hands beautiful and follow fashion trends. Today, no one will be surprised not only by the well-groomed look of nails, but even by a trendy men’s black manicure.

Although it may seem shocking or too youthful to some. At least once a month it is worth visiting the salon to keep your hands and nails clean and feel confident, looking at your best.
How the treatment works
The main task of a men’s manicure is to soften the skin of the hands, remove excess cuticles and rough areas around the nail, as well as give the nails the correct shape and well-groomed appearance. Men’s manicure can end with polishing with colorless varnish, gel polish or a medicinal product. In some cases, at the request of the client we can apply color coating, which has recently gained popularity.

Treatment details
The treatment is performed once or twice a month. This is quite enough to make your hands look beautiful and tidy. The specialist can remove cuticles both by cutting and by grinding with special devices.

With each treatment, the skin around the nails will become softer and the cuticles less visible. The treatment is completely safe and painless, and there is almost no possibility of injuries, provided that the specialist has proper experience and qualifications. All tools are either disinfected or disposable.

In our salon you will find unsurpassed service, the best specialists, a pleasant atmosphere and a guaranteed quality of treatments. Comfort and excellent results which you can be proud of — all this is enjoyed by the customers of Spasibo Salon, located in the heart of Leiden.
Gentlemen’s pedicure
Our feet are subjected to stress every day, which causes corns and calluses on them. Men’s skin is more prone to dryness, cracks quickly appear on it. Constant stay in closed and sometimes even tight shoes due to fashion requirements leads to moist and warm skin which creates a favorable environment for development of fungus. Men’s pedicure is not just about aesthetic self-care, but also necessary care for the health of skin and nails.

Details of men’s pedicure treatment
Pedicure techniques for men and women don’t differ much. The specialist uses the same tools, techniques and compositions.
There are three main types of pedicure:
  • Classical pedicure is a traditional surface treatment of feet, cuticle removal, light massage with moisturizers.
  • Hardware pedicure is indicated for dry feet skin with cracks, calluses, corns or ingrown nails. Special caps gently remove a layer of keratinized skin, additional aromatic oils and wraps are used during the treatment.
  • In most cases, specialists choose a hardware pedicure or a combined method, depending on the needs of the client.

How the treatment works
  • Preliminary preparation, application of disinfectants to the skin or an antiseptics bath.
  • Skin treatment with hardware caps. First, caps with a rounded end are used, the area of heels and foot cushions with keratinized roughened skin are carefully treated.
  • Working with silicone cutters allows achieving perfect smoothness. Polishing begins with the use of coarse caps and a gradual transition to soft ones. This technique enables achieving silkiness of the skin even on a rougher male foot.
Both hardware and manual methods can be used to treat nails, depending on their condition. First, the specialist removes the excess cuticle, then processes the sides with nippers or caps. The desired shape of the nail is achieved by special pedicure files.
At the end, a moisturizer is applied and a special massage is performed on the foot. Regular men’s pedicure allows you to keep your feet and nails in perfect condition.

The sophisticated European manicurist created a stunning nail design, combining lustrous pearl accents with a rich shade of purple and subtle hints of warm brown for a truly elegant look. After getting temporary white nail extensions, I admired the chic and polished look they added to my toe nails.

In our salon you can get the best pedicure in Leiden. Thorough disinfection of all tools and consumables, cleanliness, coziness and comfort in our salon are guaranteed!
Ladies manicure
Women’s manicure is a treatment aimed at improving the appearance of nails and their recovery. Having performed such a procedure, a woman can do it at home, but do-it-yourself nail treatment will not provide results of equal quality as one done in a beauty salon. The specialist will help you choose the right technique, taking into account the shape of the nails and the wishes of the client.

At the micro wedding, for example, women chose a breathtaking palette of art natural hues, with the centerpiece adorned in exquisite art featuring delicate touches of blue and elegant accents of shimmering gold. Thanks to a large palette of varnishes and special equipment, specialists will perform designs of any complexity.

How the treatment works
A beautiful women’s manicure is the dream of every woman, its goal is full care of the hand skin, cuticle, nail decoration with varnish of any color and decorative elements or French manicure.

The treatment consists of the following steps:
  • The old coating is removed, if the client has previously used gel polish, the specialist will remove the coating.
  • Shape the nails with a file or a special device.
  • Caring hygienic bath. The specialist adds special products or essential oils to soften the skin, a remover is used for dry manicure.
  • Cuticle processing and removal, treatment, polishing, grinding of side rollers and nails.
  • Nail extension, correction and strengthening are performed. The specialist uses acrylic gel, biogel, acrylic or varnish, taking into account the wishes of the client.
  • Nails are coated with varnish, gel polish or medicinal products.
  • Nails are dried.
  • At the request of the client, an individual design is made using decorative jewelry.
  • The nails are covered with a top, the tips are sealed and dried.
  • The cuticle is treated with cream or oil.
  • At the end, a relaxing massage is performed.
Types of manicure
The best manicure is called hardware manicure. It is simple and safe, due to the lack of cutting tools. The manicure is performed by a milling cutter with various caps.

Classic trimming manicure is a well-known treatment using cutting tools. The specialist disinfects the hands in front of the client. Then the client’s hands are steamed in a bath, cuticles are cut off. Before applying the varnish, a dehydrator and a degreaser are used to help remove excess moisture. Combined technique combines hardware and classic edged manicure.

At the request of the client, the nail can be strengthened with special means or a thin layer of gel, covered with a regular or gel coating, which lasts about 3 weeks. In our salon you will receive advice, the specialist will be able to choose a suitable option for you, taking into account your wishes and the features of your nails.

The specialist will select a suitable manicure, giving the nails an attractive and healthy appearance. The treatment is performed with the help of professional tools and high-quality cosmetics. A Nail industry specialist follows the novelties, ensuring our customers receive a modern design manicure. The specialist will provide advice and tell you all the features of proper daily care.

Spasibo Salon beauty salon offers high-quality women’s manicure, for affordable prices. Our professional equipment tools meet all quality standards. All tools undergo special disinfection. You can book a treatment by pressing the online booking button on the bottom.

Ladies Pedicure

The female half of humanity always strives to look amazing. Pedicure is an important step in creating an impeccable image. The beauty of the feet directly depends on their proper care. Professional women’s pedicure from SpaSiboSalon is a comprehensive treatment aimed at maintaining the beauty of the skin and foot nails.
Main pedicure types
  • Classical — involves taking foot baths, removal of rough skin is carried out with the help of a tool.
  • Hardware — the skin of the feet is softened with cream, mechanical treatment of the feet is done using various caps.
  • Combined — combines elements of classical and hardware pedicure.
After a relaxing american nail day, you opted for a stunning ombre nail design in a lovely shade of pink with a glossy finish of shellac on your cute short nails, perfectly complementing freshly painted toes.
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