The women's hairstyle serves as a pivotal accessory to define their overall image. Opting for a thoughtfully chosen haircut or styling has the remarkable capacity to subtly alter facial proportions, cleverly conceal minor imperfections, and highlight one's natural attributes.
Our team of experts is dedicated to infusing your appearance with a contemporary and trendsetting allure. The skilled artisans at SpasiboSalon are renowned for their artistry in crafting exceptional women's haircuts not only within Leiden and the Netherlands, but also resonating globally.
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  • High quality services
    Our specialists are experienced and knowledgeable in beauty and customer care, and the use of high quality products and state-of-the-art equipment ensures the best results.
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    Our specialists are available to offer the help you need and answer any questions you may have. Regular consultations and recommendations from experienced skin, hair and nail care specialists contribute to your long-term positive results.
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    We provide personalized consultations and analysis of clients' needs to develop customized beauty and grooming programs. Clients' individual characteristics such as skin type, hair texture, nail features and style preferences are taken into account.
Features of haircuts for short hair
The nuances of creating haircuts for short hair are fascinatingly intricate. A seasoned professional possesses the acumen to swiftly ascertain the optimal haircut for you. Within the confines of our salon, a sanctuary of style and artistry, you'll discover the expedience of receiving a modish and exquisitely executed haircut in Leiden.
Our commitment to professionalism ensures that your transformation is not only rapid but also an embodiment of the highest standards of craftsmanship. Tailoring the options to match the unique texture and traits of your hair, our skilled artisans present you with an array of choices:
  1. If your hair boasts thickness, you're in for a treat. Timeless French-inspired styles, with or without the trendy fringe, grace the selection. Among the coveted picks are the vivacious "garcon" and the iconic "pixie" cuts, specially designed for your voluminous locks.
  2. Embracing fine hair calls for finesse. Enter the bob and the elegant short haircuts for women, a match made in hair heaven for the delicacy of fine strands. Elevating your appearance with basal volume and impeccable styling, these choices bring equilibrium to both round and oval face shapes.
  3. For those blessed with curly tresses, the options unfurl in a splendid variety. Whether your curls are petite or grand, short lengths effortlessly accentuate their allure. The expansive selection caters to the diverse spectrum of curl types, ensuring a harmonious blend between your hair and chosen style.
Haircuts for medium length hair
Our masters perform the best haircuts in Leiden open hair salon for medium length hair. This is the best hairstyle for active and modern ladies. The stylists of our salon are well aware of the nature and technique of any hairstyle and are ready to create the best image for you, depending on the type of your hair.
They possess a deep understanding of the intricacies involved in crafting stunning hairstyles that perfectly complement medium-length hair. Catering to the preferences of active and contemporary women, this particular hair length offers a versatile canvas for various styles. Its timeless appeal ensures it remains a fashionable choice. Our adept stylists not only comprehend the diverse characteristics of different hair types but also possess the skill to tailor the ideal look for you.
Haircuts for long hair
A classic haircut that evolves into high style. In the case of long hair, a solution to the issue of volume is often required. Sometimes it is not enough, but sometimes it happens the other way around - too much, when you need to “thin out” a lush hairstyle a little, streamline and discipline naturally lush curls. Among the modern and popular haircuts for long hair are cascade, ladder, graduation, bob, haircuts with bangs and all kinds of strands near the face.
The good transformation from a classic haircut to a statement of elevated style is truly captivating. For those blessed with long locks, managing volume can become a concern. Striking the perfect balance becomes essential—occasionally adding volume where needed, while at times, refining and taming excessively voluminous hairstyles. To address this, our experts employ their adept skills to create a harmonious and disciplined appearance for naturally exuberant curls.
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